Who is Huggy Buddha?

Huggy Buddha. A gift with a thought.

With Huggy Buddha you are giving more than just a present. You give a hug and show how much you appreciate someone. It is a myth that you shouldn’t buy a Buddha for yourself and it is simply not true. A Buddha always brings luck. Inventor Sandra de Vries made Buddha soft. By purchasing a Huggy Buddha you are also supporting Make-A-Wish.

I just had this idea: to give my first grandchild a soft Buddha, for a happy life. It seemed so obvious to me.
But I found out that no one before me had ever thought about it. So I decided to create it myself. Not only for my grandchild, but for every child and person in the World.”

Dutch Design
It is impossible not to like this cheerful cuddly toy. Big or small, young or old: everyone adores this cheerful, chubby, original Huggy Buddha.

The original Huggy BuddhaThis fluffy sweetheart simply begs to be picked up and held tight. As a travelling monk, Huggy Buddha is a big friend to adults and children alike and represents carefreeness and happiness. Do not be misguided: despite its exotic looks, it is a purely Dutch design by Sandra de Vries at Big Buddha in Voorburg, the Netherlands. With Huggy Buddha she made far eastern spirituality accessible and palpable. To some it is a happy Buddha, to others it is just a nice cuddly toy or a cosy home accessory. And that is just fine. The 25cm tall Huggy Buddha makes a good present: a gift card enables you to give its recipient a personal, loving ‘hug’.

Treat someone else or treat yourself!
It is a myth that you should never give a Buddha to yourself. It is a mere rumour that started somewhere and has persisted ever since. For any Buddha, whether given or bought, will makes you happy. So, what are you waiting for??
Huggy Buddha present label
Huggy Buddha
The cuddly toy is 25 cm tall and has a light grey colour. The accompanying gift card reads: Dear…, with this Buddha I give you peace, comfort, trust and all my love. Big Hug, ….